Table Top Vending Machines

Table Top Vending Machines

Please call 0141 425 1088 or message us for the best prices. We have a team of engineers and coffee experts on-site who are happy to answer any queries.


Available in 4 - 7 Days


Platinum Instant Mini

Tastes differ. And that is not a problem. With the So Pure Platinum Instant you drink the coffee with the taste that you prefer. Simple: you dispense your coffee with the ideal strength. Would you prefer a fresh cup of hot chocolate? They are prepared in seconds. Also comes with separate hot water dispense head. The So Pure Platinum Instant makes it nice and easy for you.


Available in 4 - 7 Days

Matrix Mini Magnum

This model can be run from a water tank or mains water supply so it can be positioned where convenient. Each machine is supplied with a free starter case consisting of coffee, cappuccino topping and chocolate powder, sufficient ingredient to make your first 1000 drinks. With 3 canisters and 9 selections all within a footprint of just 16.5cm wide - proof that size really does matter!

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