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La Piccola Cecilia Manual 2 Group

La Piccola Cecilia Manual 2 Group

La Piccola Cecilia Manual 2 Group

La Piccola Cecilia Manual 2 Group


La Piccola, founded by Gian Luca Venturelli, is a dynamic company with

a strong ecological mind.


Producer exclusively of coffee machines for paper-filter pods,

niche of market that has known a

good development.


It finds a great interest in the catering sector of high quality and in all places 

where excellence espresso coffee

is served.

Serve the very finest coffee, including espresso and cappuccino, in the smallest of premises, with perfect results without breaking the bank. The Cecilia 2 group is a professional coffee pod machine which lets you prepare from two to four coffees simultaneously. Each brewing group can be fitted with the single spout (for 7 gram pods, i.e. one cup), or the double spout (for 14 gram pods, i.e. two cups). The two groups have separate switches so as to optimise electricity consumption. The Cecilia 2 group exists in two versions: manual and automatic. The automatic version gives you the possibility of setting the delivery time: long (for a long coffee) or short (for a short, concentrated coffee).

Available configured for 7+7g or 7+14g or 14+14g single 44mm and double 55mm ESE pods
Recommended for restaurants, cafés, pubs and hotels.


Like all the models in the series, it is fitted with a 3.5 litre boiler giving plenty of hot water and steam and a separate thermoblock for each group, which gives the perfect temperature through the coffee and considerable savings in energy consumption.

Commercial quality Espresso Pod Machines. Italian style and craftsmanship, developed in conjunction with the renowned artisan coffee company Lucaffe. Machines are supplied with Black side panels.
Every Cecilia Pod machine is supplied by us with a Stainless Steel Frothing Jug, Cocoa Shaker and a selection of fabulous Lucaffe Pods - You can be serving perfect espresso, cappuccino & latté within 10 minutes of receiving your machine. No plumbing, no drainage, no grinder, no mess, no hassle. A beautiful fresh espresso every time.


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 42 x 52.5 x 45cm

  • Weight 28 Kg

  • Voltage 220v / 50 HZ

  • Power consumption 2900w

  • Boiler 3.5 Litres

  • Water Tank 9 Litres

  • Seperate Group Thermoblock

  • Electric Cup Warmer

  • Safety Thermostat


  • Separate switches for each group or function, in order to consume energy only when necessary. This enables an energy saving of about 70% compared with a traditional bar machine.

  • A large 3.5 litre stainless steel boiler.

  • Since this is a pod machine it does not require a coffee grinder and thus a further expense for the operator.

  • The used paper pods are completely biodegradable and can be disposed of as wet waste in differentiated refuse collection systems.

  • Thanks to the pods, the machine does not require extra cleaning from coffee grounds.

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La Piccola Cecilia Manual 2 Group