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"How many boilers, exchangers and coffee beans have been held in our hands in almost fifty years. And it is with the same passion, energy and desire to do held by a a small group of people in 1969 that today we continue facing all the challenges posed everyday by the constantly growing coffee market."

This model can dispense six different coffee dosages from each brewing head and is also equipped with an independent semiautomatic override switch for each group. Real max. production capability: 480 espresso servings per hour.


  • Boiler Capacity  10.5 Litre

  • Voltage 240v 50Hz (Single Phase)

  • Power  4200w 18.3A                                                  

  • Weight  82Kg

  • Dimensions (mm)  W835 x D582 x H582

Recommended Installation Requirements

  • Fresh Cold Water Supply with Stopcock

  • 20amp Socket for Machine and 13amp Socket for a Grinder. 

  • 60mm Hole in Counter, centred where machine will sit, to allow access for water and drainage pipes

  • Room in cupboard under machine to locate Water Filter and mains drainage standpipe or alternatively a bucket

  • Locate the machine where it has space to be used with consideration for future access for annual inspection and servicing


  • Advanced pre-infusion and thermo compensation group technology

  • Digital functions display (programmable on-off mode, data-on production for each group)

  • Raised groups for cups up to 16oz

  • Temperature adjustable and timer controlled water tap

  • Ergonomically designed portafilter handles

  • Led Lighting of the working area and side panels

  • Available with Autosteamer

Astoria Sabrina SAE 2 Group

Sinuous and harmonious lines, underlined by touches of light irradiating from the background, characterise the machine side panels. Soft and dynamic features bring together the professional character and the bold but refined style of the chromed group covers. A unique and charming design at the service of technology, handiness and reliability for a final result offering great performance.

For the best prices call us on 

0141 425 1083

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0141 425 1083

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