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Astoria Core 200 2Gp

Astoria Core 200 2Gp

Astoria Core 200 2Gp

Astoria Core 200 2Gp


"How many boilers, exchangers and coffee beans have been held in our hands in almost fifty years. And it is with the same passion, energy and desire to do held by a a small group of people in 1969 that today we continue facing all the challenges posed everyday by the constantly growing coffee market."


  •  Measurements: Height 51cm x Width 74cm x Depth  49cm

  •  Weight: 67kg

  •  Power: 3,700W-4,000W, 220-240 Volts

  •  Boiler capacity: 10.5 litres

Recommended Installation Requirements

  • Fresh Cold Water Supply with Stopcock

  • 20amp Socket for Machine and 13amp Socket for a Grinder. 

  • 60mm Hole in Counter, centred where machine will sit, to allow access for water and drainage pipes

  • Room in cupboard under machine to locate Water Filter and mains drainage standpipe or alternatively a bucket

  • Locate the machine where it has space to be used with consideration for future access for annual inspection and servicing


  • Shot Timer - Indication of the extraction times for each group.

  • Backlit Astoria logo.

  • Flap rack in each group - Allows the machine to be used both for espresso
    cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.

  • Larger diameter steam nozzles - Allow more consistency in the quality of the
    steam, improved milk frothing. milk-based beverages.

  • LED Work Light - Allows the “barista” to work in optimal conditions
    even in reduced visibility environments such as
    pubs, clubs, etc.

  • Mechanical “filocarrozzeria” buttons - They keep the pediment clean and thanks to their
    mechanical nature they avoid defects due to
    steam, dirty hands, wet hands, etc.

  • Four different pre-set doses in the SAE version.

  • Front cut under the pediment - Reduces the working time allowing the bartender
    to see at a glance the ring holder coupler ring
    without having to lower.

  • Body - All bodywork, excluding curbs, are made of sheet
    metal making a solid and resistant machine.

Astoria Core 200 2 Group

With Core200, espresso has a new design. Astoria’s heart beats inside Core, a blend of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. A solid and reliable product with a minimal and contemporary design.

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